Islam , the ultimate message to all inhabitants of the Earth

• Before: every prophet was only sent to his community

1) To whom does a messenger carry his message?

A messenger is sent to a human community, mostly the one from which he comes. This

community can be people, city or ethnic group.

2) What is he of those who are not part of its community?

People who are not part of the “target” community are not indebted of the message

which is intended for it. But if they believe in this message, they are accepted among the

happy in this world and in beyond.

• Mohamed ( SAW) sent in the whole humanity after him

1) What is the community of the messenger of Allah Mohamed (SAW)?

The prophet Mohamed (SAW)was sent to all the human beings after him. His community

is therefore the entirety of mankind.

2) Of whom is it composed?

The community of the prophet is made up of two parts: that of those who answered his

call and believed in his message – oummat el ijâba, and that of those to whom it is

necessary to transmit its message and who still do not have – – thought in its message – to

be oummat el balâgh.

It is therefore the responsibility of the first group to show stocks of Islam and to transmit

the foundations of its message to the second group.

3) Is he the prophet of the Arab?

The prophet Mohamed( SAW) was sent to all the human beings living after him, till the

end of time. He began his call to people who were around him – the Arab of Makka, but

his message is not absolutely reserved for them.

He is not the prophet of the Arab, but rather the messenger sent in the humanity


• More prophets after him

1) Will there be other prophets after prophet Mohamed( SAW)?

The prophet Mohamed was sent bearer of the valid, ultimate message until last day. He

comes to finish divine revelation, and to seal prophecy of the best way.

There is therefore no more prophet or messenger after him.

2) What is it the return of Prophet Issa?

Among the warning signs of the imminence of the end of time represent return on Earth of

Prophet Issa son ofMariem – Jesus. He was messenger during the first one left his life, sent

to the descendants of Isrâïl. However, when he returns, he is not any more prophet: he

conforms to the message of prophet Mohamed.(SAW)

• His legislation is universal and valid everywhere until last day

1) Is the message of Islam limited to some places or in some epochs?

The message of Islam is intended for the entirety of Mohamed’s community, that is the

whole humanity. This message is therefore limited to some places, nor in some epochs or

in some cultural contexts.

2) Is the diversity of places epochs and of cultures admitted in religion?

Yes. This diversity is taken into account in the legislation of Islam. Besides, us and customs

of all are included into religion as long as they do not oppose to his foundations. Finally,

for any new problems met in epoch or particular region, all necessary tools are available to

find him an appropriate answer

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