Islam is our relationship with God based on love

Name of religion but notion expressing nearness with Allah

1) What Islam?

Islam is the link which joins us with Allah. This religion describes our relation with our lord.

2) What is its foundation?

Islam is fundamentally built on reciprocal love with Allah. A trustful love in Him, of peace

and serenity.

• higher degree: love of Allah, love of his prophet ( SAW) and love of others

1) Is the Islam a religion of love?

Yes. Allah comes from the beginning as being the infinitely compassionate and the always

compassionate. His prophet( SAW) was sent as mercy for worlds, and am principally full of

solicitude, benevolence and affection towards the believers

The fullness of Islam consists in loving Allah and his prophet( SAW) more than everything,

and to love people only of a love unselfish and leading to the amenity of Allah and to its


2) How does he manifest itself?

The love of Allah and of his prophet (SAW) manifests itself particularly when they become

the reflexion of Allah’s mercy on Earth, mainly in our reports with people, just like the

messenger of Allah.

• Relation of confidence and of nearness

1) How is our relation with Allah?

In Islam, the relation of the believer with his lord is direct, without intermediaries and as

intense as desired. Allah acts with his servant exactly as his servant imagines the

behaviour of his lord with him.

2) Is it limited to places or particular instants?

No. This relation does not have places or official instants. It is limited only by the ambition

of the servant, with the possibility of manufacturing it as he/she pleases.

3) How to meet Allah? how to be with him? and how to have talks with him?

Allah’s meeting is made across in ritual request, intense spiritual instant during which a big

trip of mind takes place.

They are with Allah each time his amenity by an act of adoration is sincerely searched.

They have talks with Him during instantsprivileged that are prostration and recitation of

Its words, notably in request

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Islam is our relationship with God based on love

Name of religion but notion expressing nearness with Allah...

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