Islam is not the religion of the Arabs

• Religion for the humanity completely

1) Is the Islam the religion of the Arab?

No. Islam is an universal religion intended for all human beings, not only Arab.

2) Why Islam was revealed at the Arab?

Only Allah chose where, when and how to reveal the effects of his mercy.

But it is useful to point out that at that time there was around Arab two empires: the

Roman and perses. The Arab were on the contrary to the zero degree of civilization. It is

easier to construct a new civilization of zero rather than to change an existent from top to


• no deserve in religion to be Arab or white

1) How Islam does unite people?

Islam unites potentially different people around an unique faith, around shared values and

around the same religious practice.

The request together is so encouraged five times a day in mosques. The request of Friday

unites the believers one time a week. Other big occasions unite people every year, and

once in their life, the believers meet in the sacred surrounding wall of Makka for big


2) What makes that a believer is better than other one in Islam?

The only value differentiating the believers is the piety, hidden in the bottom of the heart

and what only known Allah. A human being has so no means of knowing the value of

people – nor to compare them – seen that the measure of value is inaccessible to it.

3) Does the Islam make differentiations according to skin color or sociocultural origin?

Absolutely no. The believers are any equal in front of Allah, men or women, young people

or old, poor or rich, white or black and are differentiated only by the intensity of their link

with their lord.

• 80 % Muslims today is not Arab

1) How much are there Muslims in the world? and who of them are Arab?

According to the last estimates, there is near d ’1,5 thousand million Muslims in the world.

There has among them about 300 millions Arab, is 20 % totals.

2) What the biggest Muslim country?

The biggest Muslim country in number of believers is Indonesia, which is not an Arab


• The non-Arab tremendously brought in Islam

1) Not Arab among the companions

There were among the great figures of the first generation of Islam – the companions of

the prophet – of not Arab, showing that the value of a person in Islam has got nothing to

do with its origin or its birth:

Bilelthe abyssinien, Salmân the persian, Souheib the Roman and Safiyya the coptic of


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