How to enter Islam?

• declaration of faith: 11 words, coming from the heart.

1) What the shahâda?

The shahâda is the declaration of faith of Islam, the first pillar of which expression is.

It is about statement that there is not divinity worthy of being loved apart from Allah, and

that Mohamed( SAW) is the messenger of Allah.

2) What is its signification?

Declaration of faith is the statement of the pure monotheism devoted to Allah the only

without associate nor equivalent. It is also the statement of belief in Mohamed’s message,

as well as fact to conform to it to love Allah the only.

3) Is it a simple word?

Declaration of faith is first of all a belief sincere and deeply anchored in the heart, belief

which is expressed by the words of the shahâda, and that is visible in all acts, especially


• no trial period nor period of status of converting

1) How to become Muslim?

Every person becomes Muslim who pronounces the declaration of faith of Islam by being

persuaded of her general signification.

2) What means to be converted?

A Muslim néo is called fluently converted, that is somebody who entered Islam having

declared another religion, notably when it was about its born religion.

3) What difference enters one converted and a born Muslim?

There is a religious point of view absolutely no difference in status or difference of merit

between a born Muslim and one converted. The value of each principally determined by

its piety, its love for Allah and its effort in the good.

• Shahada = key of paradise

1) Why do they say that the shahada is the key of paradise?

The prophet (SAW) taught us that every person pronouncing the shahâda sincerely will be

accepted in paradise. The same is true for every person whose last words before dying are

the shahâda.

It is for this that the shahâda is so well described by the picture of the key of paradise.

2) Why do they tell they “enter “?

The believers all are linked by the brotherhood of Islam. The one who becomes a convert

to Islam come back therefore into this brotherhood just as him would come back into a

home all members of which are brothers

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