Defining the word Islam ( which is not "submission" )

• Coming from a root expressing peace

1) What means the word “Islam”?

Word Islam means to recover from it to Allah, to put its confidence in Him and recognize

its authority and its majesty.

2) What stocks are described by this name?

Word “Islam” describes stocks of peace, security, confidence and love: first with Allah then

with His servants.

3) Assalâm Allah’s name

Among the sublime names which describe Him, Allah named us “Assalâm”: The one who is

source of peace and serenity between his creatures, and the One who is elated of any


• very positive Connotation in Arabic,

1) What connotation in Arabic for “Islam”?

Word “Islam” in Arab language has a close, very positive connotation “to recover from it”

or “to put its confidence in”.

2) Why the greeting of Islam is “Assalam”?

Islam is fundamentally a religion of peace and of love, what is in its name “Islam”, as well

as in its greeting: ” assalâmalaikom “: be in peace and calmness, you have nothing to fear,

you are in security of any trouble, I come in peace.

3) Is it used as forename?

In view of the nice signification which he carries and of beauty of its letter and its

connotations, word “Islam” is used as forename, which can be for males and females .

• Islam is in no way “submission”

1) The word “submission” is very negative.

Word “Islam” is commonly translated by word “submission”. And yet if these two words

share a part of their respective signification, their connotations radically differ: in Arabic,

they are very positive (cf supra), while in French, they are very negative and return the

picture of a prisoner or of a defeated army.

2) Is our perception conditioned by this translation?

One of the first contacts which there are with Islam is made across the name. If from the

first contact the negative connotations of “submission” are wrongly linked him, the

perception of the nobility of its message is distorted and will ask for efforts to be


• closer to recover from it to Allah, to put his confidence in Him

1) Is the Islam fact to be to worship towards Allah?

Islam means to accept rules, rights and duties of religion while it would be possible to

refuse them. To come back into Islam returns therefore to go in search of the nearness of

God across Its adoration and as Him asked for it.

2) Does the building of word “Islam” describe will or pressure?

In Arabic, the grammatical building of word “Islam” points out apparently the voluntary

act to put its confidence in Allah and to make the effort to follow the way which leads

towards Him.

3) What means fact to put on under the authority of Allah?

This means to like him first of all sincerely and with conviction. What implicates to obey

him by making for what He asked and by leaving what he forbade, to work in good with a

pure heart and good behaviors

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